spank·ing \ˈspaŋ-kiŋ\  


         1: Exceptional of its kind; remarkable.

         2: Being fresh and strong.


         1: Very: (That was a spanking good vintage)


         1:  A series of slaps, esp. on the buttocks.


As seen above, a single word may have many meanings.  The same may be said of a good wine, with a definition & flavor as unique as the individual enjoying it.  Fun, adventurous, provocative or serious... “to each their own” we say.

Since our beginning our goal has been simple; to create impressionable wines and to have fun doing it.  From the very beginning the “fun” has come easy to us.  Just look at our name, or our Facebook page, or come to one of our sponsored events, and you’ll find that fun is our natural main ingredient.

But for our wines to stand out, to be truly “impressionable”, we put great care into selecting the grapes for each varietal and into the winemaking process that follows.  From the cooler regions of Monterey county to the warmer reaches of the inland valleys, every varietal is specially chosen from vineyards that best represent the ideals of the growing area. Whether the delicate Pinot Noir grapes of the pacific breeze, the robust Zinfandel of central valley sun, or the dark purple Syrah of the Santa Lucia Highlands, our wines represent the best red grapes California has to offer.

Each lot of wine is processed separately to maintain the varietal's characteristics and requirements. Temperature-controlled primary fermentations, optimal yeast selection, complete and incomplete malo-lactic fermentation, and proper ageing regiments maintain and enhance each grapes contribution until the wine's aromas and flavors are captured in the bottle.

Come and discover what our wine means for you.  After all, you’ve been good today; you deserve a Spanking.  Bottoms Up!





A wine with a taste as fun and provocative as its name.  Bottoms up!

Spanking Bottom Red Wine